Animation Sequence Project

Animation for an Aftereffects III class where we were following guidelines for The Animation Sequence Project ( For the project, a short 10 second animation begins with a 250 px square and ends with a ...


Green Screen Animation Project

A green screen project for an Aftereffects III course at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. As part of the story, characters I created in the past help me overcome artist’s block in developing ...

Maribel O Gray Atomic29 Valence Poster

Atomic 29 Typeface Design

A sculptural typeface design. Twenty two of the letters were created as sculptural pieces out of copper piping. The rest of the letters were informed by the design of the initial letters. Included here are ...

Maribel O Gray Atomic29 Atomic

Atomic 29 Sculptural Letterforms

Copper pipe sculptures from which the Atomic 29 Typeface Design is derived.

Metal Sculptural Work

Interface Redesign: Grocery Self-Checkout

As part of an Interaction Design project at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, we were tasked to redesign a machine interface. I chose to tackle the grocery self-checkout. In working on the redesign, ...

PrintXchange Website

For an Interaction Design project at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the assignment was to design a website for a business that did not already have a web presence or create a business ...

Our Home: Strength in Stories

Our Home: Strength in Stories is a collaborative project among graphic design students at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. The goal of the campaign is to increase voting among Asian-Americans. The idea was ...

Watershed: Think Clean Water

This a a project for my junior core graphic design class at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Our task was to create a membership campaign for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Word Animation

This project was for Aftereffects I. The objective was to animate a word’s meaning.

Syfy Network Identity

A network identity piece for the Syfy channel for an Aftereffects I course.

What Lies Beneath: A Journey

For my junior core graphic design project we were asked to re-envision our commute from home to school. One of the interesting aspects of my commute is that I drive past the Central Intelligence Agency ...

ECBCO Branding

This project was for a sophomore core graphic design class. The objective was to rebrand an existing local company. I was assigned the ecboardco which is a local surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard outfitter.

Typographers Book Project

Eric Gill and Jonathan Barnbrook, Finding Common Ground For the typographers book project for my typography III class, I chose to compare the work of Eric Gill and Jonathan Barnbrook. I produced two versions of ...

Odermatt and Tissi Book

Book layout for my Theories and History of Graphic Design class where the work of the designers Siegfried Odermatt and Rosmarie Tissi was researched, analyzed, and presented.

Poem Compositional Sequence and Poster

For the poem compositional sequence and poster project for my typography III class, I chose The Layers by Stanley Kunick. The first image is the final poster design and the additional images showcase alternative compositions. ...