• PrintXchange Website

    For an Interaction Design project at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the assignment was to design a website for a business that did not already have a web presence or create a business model that does not already exist and design its website. In addition to graphic design, I am also a printmaker. It is common for printmakers to participate in collaborative print portfolios with several other printmakers. However, The Exchange would be different as a website for artists, particularly printmakers, to exchange single pieces of artwork. Cost is often a barrier for the struggling artist to build their art collections. Through the printxchange, artists can leverage the value of their work to collect the art of their peers. Although the primary focus of the website is to provide a forum for the trade of artwork, the website would not be a barrier to an artist willing to sell their work.  There were several steps in executing this project including a competitive analysis of existing websites with similar business models, building a sitemap, creating personas and user scenarios, and creating hi-res wireframes of the website based on feedback from user testing. In addition, flowcharts were created to illustrate the mechanics of exchanges and purchases that would occur through the website. It was also necessary to define the benefits of membership and how that would affect the process of exchanging and purchasing artwork. In addition to my own printmaking work, the website design features the printmaking work of local Washington, DC artists: Preeti Gujral, Carolyn Hartmann, and Clare Winslow.