• What Lies Beneath: A Journey

    For my junior core graphic design project we were asked to re-envision our commute from home to school. One of the interesting aspects of my commute is that I drive past the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). For this project, I created a website to inform my classmates about the CIA, its history, local sites, the Kryptos sculpture, and a connection to our school, The Corcoran College of Art and Design. I then embedded this website within a fake website about a video store that is deliberately styled garishly. One can only access the real website if you solve an encryption embedded in one of the images. To access the site: www.maribelogray.com/testing/journey To access the encryption page, on the home page, use the first slider to click on the movie "Spy Game" The password is "illusion." Then once the quote fills in, you can click on the red dot to access the real site. Note: The resources page lists all the source information and all images have the appropriate credit noted. No infringement is intended.